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22/3: Wij waren daar

22/3: Wij waren daar

0 2021 6 Episode • 1 Seasons

22/3: We were there tells a fictional story, based on real experiences and emotions of students who were there during the attacks in Zaventem. The story starts in the departure hall, where the students' Roma journey is suddenly startled by a bomb attack. Although the students get out of the departure hall in one piece, each of them must find a way to process this trauma. It will be a road with many obstacles, accompanied by the only pain, love and friendship. In '22 / 3: We Were There 'six fictional students are followed during the week after the events. They will find comfort in each other and make new plans together.

Create by: Tim Truyens, Tim Tielemans, Jaap Van Veen, Georges Rottier, Kobe Vangronsveld,

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